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Alliance for ChildhoodTech Tonic - Towards a New Literacy of Technology 538.4 KiB
Faith Baldwin, Douglas Gerwin, David MitchellResearch on Waldorf Graduates in North America, Phase 1 3.9 MiB
Dieter BrüllCreating Social Sacraments 6.7 MiB
EveLynn B. DebusschereRevelation of Evolutionary Events in Myths, Stories and Legends,The 3.9 MiB
Virginia Flynn, Scott Olmstead, and James Pewtherer Young Schools Guide 525.9 KiB
Virginia Flynn, Ann Matthews, Else Gottgens et alWorking Together - An Introduction to Pedagogical Mentoring 597.9 KiB
John Fentress Gardner Youth Longs to Know eBook 770.3 KiB
Douglas Gerwin, EditorAnd Who Shall Teach the Teachers The Christ Impulse in Waldorf Education277.1 KiB
Douglas GerwinGenesis of a Waldorf High School: A Source Book 480.3 KiB
Douglas Gerwin, EditorWhen Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 6: School Health and School Doctor 782.3 KiB
Douglas Gerwin, Editor When Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 5: Organs and Systems, Pathologies and Syndromes 415.8 KiB
Douglas Gerwin, EditorWhen Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 4: Incarnation and Excarnation 591.9 KiB
Douglas Gerwin, EditorWhen Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 3: Planets and Plants in the Healing Processes 672.5 KiB
Douglas Gerwin, EditorWhen Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 2: Healing Out of Illness 670.2 KiB
Douglas Gerwin, EditorWhen Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 1: Archetypal Themes in Anthroposophical Medicine 1.3 MiB
Anne Greer, EditorColloquium on English 1.1 MiB
Hedwig HauckHandwork 4.2 MiB
F. HiebelThe Gospel of Hellas 3.5 MiB
Karl KönigReading and Writing 2.3 MiB
Karl KönigEmbryology and World Evolution 3.2 MiB
Karl KönigArithmetic 4.3 MiB
Gary LambSocial Mission of Waldorf Education, The Independent, Privately Funded, and Accessible to All690.7 KiB
Brien Masters, ed.Science in Education from Child and Man Extracts 3.8 MiB
David Mitchell, EditorColloquium on Life Science and Environmental Studies AWSNA High School Research Project # 51.9 MiB
David Mitchell, EditorColloquium on Physics 845.2 KiB
David Mitchell, Christopher Clouder, EditorsRudolf Steiner's Observations on Adolescence 36.0 B
David Mitchell, Douglas GerwinSurvey of Waldorf Graduates, Phase 2 1.2 MiB
David Mitchell, Douglas GerwinSurvey of Waldorf Graduates, Phase 3 3.1 MiB
Reiner Patzlaff, Wolfgang Sassmannhausen, et al. Developmental Signatures, Core Values and Practices in Waldorf Education for Children ages 3 to 9 2.1 MiB
Martyn RawsonSpirit in Human Evolution, The 3.1 MiB
Leonore RussellKinesthetic Learning for Adolescents 739.2 KiB
Betty Staley, EditorColloquium on United States History Proceedings Colloquium on United States History Research Project #81.1 MiB
Betty Staley, EditorColloquium on World History Symptomatology and Shifts in the Evolution of Consciousness566.2 KiB
Rudolf SteinerDiscussions With Teachers From the Foundations of Waldorf Education Series, Volume 3 1.0 MiB
Rudolf SteinerFaculty Meetings With Rudolf Steiner Two volumes6.0 MiB
Rudolf SteinerIntuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path 563.4 KiB
Rudolf SteinerPractical Advice to Teachers 2.2 MiB
Rudolf Steiner; Roberto Trostli, Editor Teaching Language Arts in the Waldorf School A Compendium of Excerpts from The Foundations of Waldorf Education by Rudolf Steiner1.2 MiB
Rudolf SteinerGenius of Language, The 6 lectures, Stuttgart, Dec. 1919-Jan. 1920 (CW 299)880.5 KiB
Rudolf SteinerLight Course, The 518.0 KiB
Stephen TalbotFuture Does Not Compute, The 345.3 KiB
Johannes TautzFounding of the First Waldorf School, The 202.6 KiB
Johannes TautzMeditative Life of the Teacher, The 176.8 KiB
John WulsinLanguage of English Literature, How English Sounds, The 462.2 KiB
John Wulsin, Editor Riddle of America, The Essays Exploring America’s “Native Expression-Spirit”3.0 MiB