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This new release is a helpful one for preparing the stories of remarkable, selfless, self-transcendent folk from long ago. It is difficult with our modern, busy frames of mind to find the mood of a truly holy person from the time in human development that matches that of our seven and eight year olds. To tell of these men and women who could still perceive the voices of angels speaking within their own hearts is not a usual undertaking!

Frans Lutters has done an especially fine job of pursuing primary research on Willibrord so that we can read actual recorded conversations on higher truths this fiery and gentle Willibrord had along his path of gathering friends to himself to serve others. This man, Willibrord, was of Celtic origin but he spent his life walking through the Netherlands, Belgium, Flanders and France. Wells and sacred places marked with Willibrord’s name dot the Northwestern European landscape to this day. He is not so well-known in North American lore, and so a teacher might not choose to tell this man’s story; however, teachers and parents might be well served in preparing to tell of all holy people from this time of human development (second grade development!) by reading this book. The mood of it is informative, nourishing, and supportive of our own consciousness to be able to tell a deep and compelling story of inspiring people who changed the lives of many.

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Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1-888365-47-4
208 pages
6 x 9 inches


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