A Three-Week Professional Development Course

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TSS2013flyer1 Announcing a part-time course starting in February 2018 for new and experienced Waldorf educators who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of the teaching of science in Grades 6-8

Teachers who have taken this course rave about it. Teachers who did not take it are asking, “When will the next cycle begin?”

When: Starting in February 2018
Where: Emerson Waldorf School
6211 New Jericho Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
The course will be divided into three week-long sessions:

  • Session 1 – Tuesday evening February 20 – Sunday noon February 25, 2018
  • Session 2 – Friday evening June 15 – Thursday noon June 21, 2018
  • Session 3 – Tuesday evening November 6 – Monday noon November 12, 2018 (Veterans Day weekend in the U.S.)

Lylli Anthon has been a grades teacher at the Halton Waldorf School near Toronto, Ontario for over 25 years. She has taken one class from grades 2 to 4 and another from grades 1 to 8, and then concentrated  on grades 6, 7, and 8, having graduated three such groups. Currently Lylli is the Faculty Chair and Enrollment Coordinator  at the Halton Waldorf School and she continues as a teacher in the middle school, offering  physics and chemistry blocks in grades 6, 7 and 8.  Lylli’s professional interest is focused on the art of teaching, especially in mathematics and the sciences.

Gary Banks worked as a research engineer on the NASA Space Station project before entering teaching. He took a class from first to eighth grade at the Denver Waldorf School, then worked as a high school science teacher at High Mowing and class teacher at Pine Hill Waldorf School before moving to Michigan. He has taught chemistry, biology, and other sciences in grades 7-12 at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor for the last 10 years. He is also the High School Faculty Chair and is on the faculty of the Waldorf Institute of Southeast Michigan and Sunbridge Institute.

TSS2013flyer4Michael D’Aleo left a career in engineering to become an upper grades class teacher before helping to found the high school at the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs. Michael does teacher training, consulting work, and guest teaching at Waldorf Schools across the US and internationally. He is co-author of Sensible Physics Teaching, a guide for teaching physics in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, and author of two other books, Embracing Materialism and Letting IT Go, and What is Being Asked of You. Michael is Director of Research at the Saratoga Experiential Natural Science Research Institute (SENSRI); he is also on the faculty of the Center for Anthroposophy’s Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program.

Barbara Richardson, who specializes in Eurythmy in the Workplace, has led artistic classes for many different adult professionals including chemists, doctors, nurses, farmers, and teachers. Formerly at Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Education Program, Barbara is now teacher and Coordinator of Foundation Studies at the Center for Anthroposophy.

You can sign up and pay the deposit via Credit Card/PayPal using the form here.
You can pay the Tuition balance via Credit Card/PayPal using the form here.
To pay any amount toward your balance, use the form here.

For course information contact:
Michael D’Aleo SENSRI e-mail: spalight@verizon.net
Register now by filling out the form and returning it promptly to:
Milan Daler Research Institute for Waldorf Education P.O. Box 307 Wilton, NH 03086
Phone: (603) 654-2566 e-mail: milan@centerforanthroposophy.org
Sponsored by the Research Institute for Waldorf Education, SENSRI, and the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

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Of the many subjects taught in the eight-year cycle of a class teacher, few are more challenging than the science main lessons of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. These main lessons arise at a time when pupils are developing a much stronger ability to perceive the world as being separate from them; this capacity is crucial for scientific inquiry.

TSS2013flyer2To help cultivate in their pupils these powers of perception in a healthy way, Waldorf teachers approach science by means of a method different from what is typically used in more traditional schools. Said simply, this method is “phenomena centered” rather than based on the testing and application of theories. While most Waldorf teachers will have heard of this approach, few will have experienced this method themselves as school children, and many may have made only fleeting acquaintance with this approach during their teacher training. As a result, teaching science in Waldorf grade school classes is not always sufficiently strong or rigorous to satisfy the needs of young adolescents.

The part-time course entitled “Teaching Sensible Science,” or TSS, will be offered again in 2018 to help teachers develop a deeper understanding and experience of phenomena-based science so that they can feel more confident using this method in their own classrooms. The course will consist of:

  • Workshops and discussions on the foundations of a phenomenological approach to science (primarily the physical sciences) and how this approach can enliven our own experience in the world
  • Practical sessions with experienced teachers who will demonstrate these methods and help participants prepare experiments and demonstrations for use in their own classrooms
  • Eurythmy classes twice daily, main lesson book work and drawing, questions and answers

The intention of this course is to give the teacher a living connection to science so that this same enthusiasm, understanding, and interest can be shared when the teacher is working with the students in the classroom. All practicing grade school teachers or those who are slated to teach upper grade school science are strongly encouraged to attend this program.

For descriptions of “phenomena centered science” see Michael D’Aleo’s, “What Is Phenomenology?” at: http://www.waldorflibrary.org/articles/597-what-is-phenomenology and David Mitchell’s “The Teaching of Science” at: http://www.waldorfresearchinstitute.org/pdf/BASciMitchell.pdf

Note that another TSS course will be held at the Waldorf School of Orange County, CA in 2018 should the location and times be more convenient for you. Please contact Michael D’Aleo at spalight @ verizon.net or Gary Banks at garysbanks @ gmail.com for more information.

Comments by participants in other cycles of this course:
“When I put the principles taught in the TSS course into action in the classroom, I found the students enthralled by both the experiments and the conversations about them. A particularly important experiment – the ‘camera obscura’ – engaged my students deeply by the absolute darkness in the room where nothing could be seen until the moment that the pinhole exposed to the outside immediately lightened the white sheet in front of the students. Inevitably resounding in the room was “I love Physics!” Because of the space of time spanned between each of the 6th, 7th and 8th grade sessions, we were able to put what we learned into practice and then bring our experiences back to the course to share and to review where needed.” – Amalia Pretel-Gray, Waldorf Class Teacher, teaching for 21 years

“The Teaching Sensible Science course has revolutionized my consciousness of how the world reveals itself to my senses, and this in turn has thoroughly enlivened my work in the classroom as well as my personal development… As with all quality courses in teaching, this course gives both practical tools and methods for the classroom and stimulating food for our own inner growth and education.” – Tim Morrissey, Olympia Waldorf School, Former Engineer – Now a Waldorf Class Teacher

TSS-2018-Emerson-WS (179.6 KiB, 599 downloads)

This Course is Recommended for
We strongly recommend this course for all practicing class teachers, especially those who are slated to teach upper grade school science.

TSS-2018-Emerson-WS (179.6 KiB, 599 downloads)

“In just the first few days of that first session, I quickly realized that what I had anticipated as just a sixth grade physics prep course was actually an experiential course in phenomenology that would affect not only how I would eventually teach physics, but also how I would teach everything. In that first session, we teachers as adult students observed phenomena and then through our own sense-based experience searched for patterns, found relationships, and discovered lawfulness. We had a visceral experience of what it was like to have to trust in our senses and what it was like to think, really think, about how the ‘visible and the invisible work together to produce the miraculous.’ This process of working from phenomena to lawfulness is what really made TSS meaningful for me.”
— Calisa Tucker, Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor


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TSS-2018-Emerson-WS (179.6 KiB, 599 downloads)

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You can sign up and pay the deposit via Credit Card/PayPal using the form here.
You can pay the Tuition balance via Credit Card/PayPal using the form here.
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