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  • When It Comes To Class Size, Smaller Isn’t Always Better The debate about class size is addressed nicely in this article, “When it comes to class size, smaller isn’t always better,” published in Time Magazine. Read here about how great teaching is more important than class size:,8599,2056571,00.html
  • Teacher Satisfaction in Private and Public Schools The National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) is releasing data it is collecting about teacher satisfaction in private and public schools. This reflects some of the same information Liz Beaven collected in her excellent study on teachers in the most recent issue of The Reseach Bulletin who have taught in both charter schools following a ...

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Jacqueline Babcock and members of TEDS-MBreaking the Cycle - An International Comparison of U.S. Mathematics Teacher Preparation The Center for Research in Math and Science Education Michigan State University10.7 MiB
Helen-Ann Ireland, MEd., and Sara Ciborski, PhD.Alternative Assessment in Waldorf Schools Two researchers of ours have now submitted a 326 page book-sized revision of research into how Waldorf teachers set learning goals and assess how student achieve them to the international publishing firm, Routledge, who asked them to revise for publication a "definitive exploration of Waldorf Education, as the academic world has none."90.6 KiB
Joe McTigheThe Private School Advantage for Teachers 442.4 KiB

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