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  • Noam Chomsky – The Dangers of Standardized Testing The futuristic thinker, Noam Chomsky, has a wise perspective on the kind of human being cultivated with the use of assessment.  Take a look!
  • Fast food may lead to lower school results for U.S. kids: study “In terms of growth in achievement, the researchers found that eighth-graders who ate fast food daily were behind those who ate no fast food by four points in reading. They were behind by three points in math and four points in science.” Read the original post.
  • School starting age: the evidence This research into the significance in building long-term capacities, indicates that a delayed start to formal schooling, waiting until children are older to begin, increases the potential for success…

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Douglas Gerwin and David MitchellAssessment Without High Stakes Testing This international research paper on the picture of human assessment, as opposed to assessment suing testing provides a global perspective on education focused on human beings instead of test scores.149.2 KiB

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