Research Projects

Art in Human Development
Attention Related Disorders Research Project
Exploring the Four Polarities in Child Development
Evaluation of the Urban Waldorf School in Milwaukee
Waldorf High School Research Project
Learning Expectations and Assessment Project
Waldorf Graduates Survey Colloquia and Conferences
Towards Wholeness in Knowing; Pathways of Healthy Child Development
Research on Waldorf Graduates, Phase 1

Research on Waldorf Graduates, Phase 2

Research on Waldorf Graduates, Phase 3

Research on Consequences of High Stakes Testing

Study of Parent Volunteerism



High School Grammar Colloquium

High School Physics Colloquium

Chemistry Colloquium

Mathematics Colloquium

Colloquium on the Computer and Information Technology

AWSNA High Colloquium on Life Science and Environmental Studies

Andover Proceedings:Tapping the Wellsprings of Health in Adolescence

Colloquium on World History

Colloquium on US History

Colloquium on English

Power of Grammar

Physics Colloquium


Resource Development

Computers in Education – a handbook for teachers

Being on Earth – a sourcebook for scientists and teachers

Themes in Waldorf Education- a compilation of Rudolf Steiner’s indications on teaching language arts.

Online Waldorf Library – a comprehensive website of resources for Waldorf education